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How hard is the VTNE?

This is a tough question to answer because what is deemed hard is subjective. If one particular domain is not familiar to you, for example dentistry, then it is likely that you would consider this domain challenging. If you are very familiar with emergency and critical care it is likely that you would do well with that particular domain. Passing the VTNE will be about preparation and strategy. FIDO will assist you in learning both the material and strategies behind passing the VTNE.

How long should I study for the VTNE?

Every student's journey will be different based on experience and mastery of material in the 9 domains that make up the VTNE. It is important that you find a study routine that works for you as an individual, the goal is to be confident going into your exam and practice questions are a great tool for this. FIDO recommends that you continue to study until you are consistently scoring in your goal range on both practice tests and single domain quizzes.

How is the VTNE scored?

The VTNE is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 with a passing score of 425. The questions are not scored on the typical point basis but are instead weighted based on the difficulty of the questions. Therefore, some tests will be considered more difficult than others, but the questions will be weighted more heavily. This makes for a comparable score between the easier and more difficult tests.

How many times can you take the VTNE?

Each applicant is allowed to take the VTNE a maximum of five times. Any applicant that does not pass the VTNE on the fifth try will have to appeal for approval from the AAVSB for subsequent exams.

How long is the FIDO test prep program?

FIDO offers a 3-month unlimited access program with 8 live instructor led review sessions. Unlimited access includes* Drug Flash Cards, Simulation, practice quizzes, etc.

Is FIDO’s practice test for the VTNE updated


FIDO’s practice tests are constantly updated licensed veterinary professionals to simulate the VTNE test as much as possible. You will be able to test on all 9 domains just like on the day you take the VTNE. FIDO also offers practice tests broken down by topic, not just by domain. This tool is designed to give students an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and allows students to focus their study time accordingly.



Why should I sign up for FIDO test prep?

FIDO is a one-of-a-kind test prep for the VTNE. FIDO is the only online test prep service that offers students live instruction along with many other study tools. FIDO gives its students a variety of study tools to best prepare students for test day. FIDO offers over 2000 questions with detailed explanations to help students develop a deeper understanding of the correct answer.

FIDO has the realistic clinic simulation that is designed to give students a study tool that helps make the study material practical and more likely to remember, given that there has been added context to the material. Not to mention that it’s a pretty fun way to study!!


Are FIDO questions taken directly from the VTNE?

No. FIDO’s questions are written by experienced licensed veterinary professionals. However, the questions are derived from the AAVSB’s Domain and Knowledge Statements. They are then sourced to check for accuracy with the AAVSB’s own reference list. If there is ever an instance where a student does not agree with an answer, we encourage them to challenge the question at and one of our professionals will contact the student with an explanation as to why it was a correct or incorrect answer.

How can I pass the VTNE?

The simple answer is preparation. FIDO offers and extensive set of tools to help prepare you for the VTNE. Practice tests and live instruction is a proven recipe for testing success, FIDO is here to help you go into test day confident and prepared to pass the VTNE.

Why would I choose FIDO test prep for VTNE practice questions?

FIDO practice test questions are written by Licensed Veterinary Professionals with both professional and VTNE experience. Members of the question development team have assisted the AAVSB in writing test questions. This knowledge and insight are extremely helpful in giving students an idea of what to expect when taking the VTNE.

How many practice exams are there?

FIDO offers over 2000 questions covering all 9 domains of the VTNE. The practice exams can be a full exam of 170 questions or a single domain practice quiz with as few as 20 questions. FIDO offers a wide variety of test and practice exams.

What if I find an error or believe and answer is incorrect?

FIDO takes pride in writing and reviewing all material made available to its students. If you feel that you have found an error please contact FIDO at

How long is my subscription valid?

 FIDO subscriptions are valid for 90 days.

Can I share my FIDO account?

 No, FIDO accounts are made for single users. FIDO reserves the right to cancel a subscription if unauthorized use is suspected.

Are partial subscriptions available?

No, the only products that we offer are listed on this site.

Can I extend my subscription if my account expires?

Students who sign up for the VTNE prep course has a onetime extension available for an additional 90 days. The cost for the additional 90 days is $100. No other extensions are available at this time.

What are the system requirements to use FIDO?

FIDO requires an internet connection. FIDO is compatible with most web browsers and is optimized for Safari and Google Chrome.

Why can’t I log into my account?
If you are having any issues logging into your account check your web browser and trouble shoot based on that browser's settings. If your trouble shooting efforts do not work please download google chrome. If you are still unable to login to your account email so we may assist you.
I am unable to register, what can I do?

Confirm all of your billing and personal information is correct. If you confirm your personal information and are still having problems you can reach FIDO support at

I forgot my password, now what?

You can reset password here