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FIDO Veterinary Technician National Exam Prep Online is a comprehensive review for RVT/CVT candidates preparing to sit for the VTNE. All courses are taught via Virtual Classroom with live instruction. This customizable program offers various quizzes and study options, which includes real time feedback during testing. FIDO’s study toolbox is available to tie it all together to get RVT/LVT/CVT candidates one step close to their license.

Exam questions

Over 1600 Exam Questions

All 9 Domains of VTNE Included

FIDO Veterinary Technician National Exam Prep offers over 1600 questions that provide students with explanations on all test questions. Multiple testing options available which include timed exams and short quizzes. All questions are written and reviewed by veterinary professionals.

Live instruction

Virtual Classroom

All classes presented by FIDO are taught by licensed veterinary professionals via video conference. Live instruction gives students the opportunity to get real time feedback and explanations in an environment designed for a positive learning experience.

Study Toolbox

FIDO StudyToolBox

FIDO’s StudyToolBox provides students with interactive study tools designed to make studying more practical and to cater to the various learning styles. FIDO’s StudyToolBox includes interactive flash cards, FIDO Clinic simulation, Tech Tips, and much more.

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Convenient & Accessible

FIDO Veterinary Technician National Exam Prep is designed to make students test preparation organized and streamlined. FIDO provides access to study information, quizzes, and other items in the study tool box through the use of a smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer.


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