VTNE Exam Prep

Comprehensive Review


Comprehensive Review

VTNE Exam Prep
Comprehensive Review

FIDO VTNE Exam Prep is a comprehensive VTNE review designed for recent graduates and aspiring veterinary professionals preparing to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam. FIDO VTNE Exam Prep consists of a comprehensive curriculum that covers all 9 VTNE domains and includes live lectures presented by licensed veterinary professionals.

FIDO VTNE prep is committed to offering students a comprehensive VTNE review course that is specifically built for each student’s goals, knowledge level, and study pace.


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Study Tips & Strategy

Review study tips and various exam strategies with instructors to improve study habits and information retention.

Virtual Classroom

FIDO VTNE prep online offers live classes led by a licensed veterinary professional via video conferencing.

Licenced Professionals

All Instructors teaching FIDO VTNE prep courses are licensed RVT’s, CVT’s, or DVM’s.

Unlimited Access

Access quizzes, recorded lectures, flash cards, and much more.  These tools are available 24 hours a day while enrolled in our review classes.

Questions Written by Professionals

All questions are written and reviewed by veterinary professionals. RVT’s CVT’s and DVM’s.

Tech Tips Included

Targeted study sheets designed to review topics that help students develop a deeper understanding of veterinary topics.

Guaranteed Improvement

Students who do not pass or improve their VTNE score will be welcomed to return to the course at no cost.
*specific rules apply

Study Toolbox

Study toolbox includes, pharmacology flash cards, TechTips, and more.

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